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        ¡¡¡¡Beijing Arrow Advanced technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 1990 and is one of the first professinal lightningproof corporations in China. We persist in carrying out the comprehensive comtrol on lightning harness and have formed an integrated lightningproof system including the protection of direct stroke on buildings, power circuit, signal data line and earthing connection. We are always the leader in lightningproof technology and over-voltage and over-current protection technology in power system and electronic system.

        ¡¡¡¡Our Beijing head office and 7 offices around china, which are located in Beijing, Shenyang, Chengdu, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou and Wuhan, form a distribution network that covers the whole country. And we have overseas offices and cooperative companies in Canada,Singapore and Taiwan region.The manufacturing plant in Wuhan Guandong hi-tech industry park passes ISO9001 quality system authenticetion, and is one of the largest-scale production basis of professional lightningproof equipments in China.

        ¡¡¡¡Arrow has grown into a comprehensive hi-tech corporation in R&D, manufacturing, distribution and promotion of high and new-technology products.We have acquired patents in US, Japan and China, and our products have passed the national and ministry-level inspection and got the corresponding qualifications. Examples are£º



        ¡¡¡¡In the recent decade,we accomplished many lightningproof design and reconstruction projects of international and national key projects, such as Color TV center of CCTV, Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the Three Gorges water conservancy project, Xichang rocket-launching center, natlonal sclence and technology bureau of Singapore, ethylene chemical plant in Malaysia and National broadcasting and TV center of Cuba, etc. With the support from all circles and our own efforts, we go forward steadily.

        ¡¡¡¡Our products are widely applied in fields such as power, national defense, communication, transport, railway, broadcasting and TV, petrol and chemistry, aviation and acrospace and building complex. With the expanding of our market, Arrow is striving to be an international company and will make more contributions.



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